Tips For Selecting Vaping Devices

The world of vaping encompasses everything from the mini cig to a high-watt, temperature control box mod capable of over 200 watts. There are little vaping devices with no buttons you operate by puffing and units that can be controlled using your cell phone. You can find reviews of the best e cigs online if you’re looking for more information on e cigarettes specifically.

The term ‘electronic cigarette’ has become a very broad term, as so many new devices have been introduced, and here we mean the products that resemble the size of an actual cigarette.

Products range in price, style, and design so widely that there is something for every personality and budget. All of this means there are hundreds of vape mods on the market today and you have to choose one or possibly a main device and a spare. Here are some tips to help you do that without feeling overwhelmed.

Know Your Abilities

Advanced devices featuring two modes of operation and used with rebuildable atomizer tanks are strictly for experienced vapers. Don’t start here but build up to that point.

Beginners can effectively operate any device from a simple, automatic disposable e cig with no buttons to a variable voltage Twist or Spinner eGo battery featuring one button and a dial without too much difficulty. When it comes to advanced users, the sky’s the limit, though quality also varies, so keep your eyes open for good value, not just price. You’ll find that in a lot of the reviews of e cigs that you find online.

Know Your Budget

Factors in the cost of vaping include:

  • the price of a vaping device itself
  • prices for the tank or clearomizer
  • plus a charger
  • possibly batteries

You always have to buy e juice, but experienced vapers tend to use more of it as they experiment with high-output machines and potentially turn a habit into an expensive hobby.

See below for more info on e juice.

Also, while new or relatively new vapers are frequently satisfied with simple flavors and cheap brands of e liquid, their more sophisticated counterparts tend to prefer thicker e liquid and costlier gourmet blends that do justice to their high-watt systems. Consider maintenance such as the price of coils and how often you are likely to replace them.

Although light vapers do this less often than heavy vapers, there are ceramic coils that last several months and Kanthal coils which sustain only several days of use. Tanks made from synthetic materials require replacing every so often or their tubes do at the very least. Rechargeable batteries last for months, but your 200W unit probably needs three of them at a time. This is covered in detail at the best e cigs review website.

Recognize the Dangers

Vaping is considered by many to be safer than smoking, but dangers remain. You will notice how much emphasis is placed on the chipset inside of vaping devices like 200W TC mods.

That much potential power is also like a bomb in your hands if mistreated. Companies strive to prevent vapers from causing themselves harm unintentionally or from abusing their devices and creating havoc with exploding batteries.

They install intelligent technology which sends out alerts or even turns the vaping device off in some instances. Accidents happen, but they are more likely to occur if a vaper fails to heed warnings on his display screen, uses a device in ways he is warned not to, or chooses a device outside of his skill level.

Kanger evod ecigsKnow the Best Brands

Here are some of the biggest names of electronic cigarette manufacturers:

  • Kangertech
  • Joyetech
  • Innokin
  • Smokteck
  • Aspire
  • Eleaf

There are more, but these are the major brands, involved with many of the products available today.

Many US devices are excellent products, but companies in the United States frequently repackage Chinese styles of e cigs like the eGo or EVOD and give them new logos with fresh names.

You are just as well off buying directly from the original manufacturer unless you have developed a relationship with a US company and want to keep earning reward points.

Many vapor stores also provide rewards but sell brands made in China. Both the US and the Chinese device will have been made in Shenzhen unless you’re talking about a hand-machined US mechanical mod tube and atomizer.

Units with the Kanger or Joyetech logo (Chinese) are likely to be cheaper vaping devices than items from Vaporfi or Apollo (US brands). When you are contemplating a first purchase, however, American brands are great because they make the most recognizable starter kits for beginners and offer a lot of customer perks plus great service.

American brands for beginners include:

  • Green Smoke
  • V2
  • Halo
  • White Cloud

Intermediate vapers can choose from:

  • Vaporfi
  • Halo
  • Volcano

Or switch to Chinese companies such as:

  • Kanger
  • Joyetech
  • Aspire
  • Vision
  • Innokin

When you purchase an advanced mod, the US market can be really expensive, but Vaporfi, Halo, and Apollo still compete here. Additions to the Chinese names above include Sigelei, Tesla, Smok, and Eleaf with little 10W systems to 200W box mods.

Temp Control DisplayUsing Temperature Control (TC) Vaping Devices

Before you consider purchasing your first TC mod, here are some facts about this style of device. The Temperature Control function allows vapers to fully customize their experience by providing variable temperature.

Their built in chipset adjusts wattage automatically to accommodate your choice. In this mode, one must always apply temperature-sensitive coils to an advanced sub ohm atomizer: an RBA, RDA, or RTA, for instance. Good makes include Aspire, Horizon, Uwell, and Smok.

Temperature Control provides numerous advantages. It’s generally safer because there is a limit as to how hot a mod will become. The special coils use less power overall in order to stay hot, so they don’t wear out as quickly as Kanthal and they also drain a battery more gradually. E juice tends to last longer in TC mode at high values than at 200W too.

The downside of TC vaping is that you have to buy more expensive coils. When your tank’s last atomizer is finished, you can’t continue in this setting until you are able to replace the coil with something suitable.

Kanthal cannot be used in the variable temperature and the reverse is not suggested: using Titanium coils in the VW function. While temperature-sensitive Nickel 200, Titanium, and 316 stainless steel coils cost more than Kanthal and Nichrome, they last longer, so the overall price of replacements could even itself out.

Here is a more in depth article on temperature control vaping

Atomizer Accommodation

Usually, small batteries like eGos and Spinners feature eGo threading. You apply a clearomizer rather than a tank. The other major form of threading is the 510 style, denoting an advanced tank.

Select one that is compatible with your mod. A range of coil builds available for rebuildable atomizers from low resistance to sub-ohms makes for a flexible addition to your vaping device.

Hopefully this helps you make your decision on what device is right for you. Vaping is something that we are very passionate about, so if you have any questions at all make sure that you contact us by sending an e-mail!

Choosing a Top-Quality E-Liquid: 3 Things to Look For

In a crowded marketplace, e-liquids need to set themselves apart from each other in order to meet the growing demand for product. To date, just about every imaginable flavor, from tobacco to fruits to desserts to mints to breakfast cereals to pastries and hot sauces, has been made into an e-liquid.

There is also no shortage of what many would consider unimaginable combinations of these flavors, running from the unique to the truly bizarre. But that’s a discussion for another post.

While what constitutes good flavor is a highly subjective thing, what makes an e-liquid a quality product is far less debatable. Indeed, it comes down to three elements: ingredients, manufacturing methods, and consumer packaging.

Ingredients: What’s in an E-Liquid?

When it comes to e-liquids, quality begins at the sourcing. It’s widely recognized that some of the highest quality e-liquid ingredients, which can include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and more, come from the United States.

That’s why the phrase “American made” carries such weight in the market. Internationally, manufacturing regulations and standards vary from country to country, and enforcement can be hit-or-miss.

Ideally, the food flavorings used for e-liquids are approved for human consumption by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States. The nicotine base, if any, should meet or exceed

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs), which the manufacturers can determine through testing. All of the ingredients should be of United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade.

Manufacturing to the minimums set out by these and other respected industry organizations is a way e-liquid makers can show their dedication to providing a quality product.

What’s perhaps most important of all, however, is that the ingredients not include either diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, the latter known to those in the scientific community as 2,3-pentanedione. If these names sound familiar — though they are admittedly difficult to say and spell — it’s probably because they have sometimes been associated with a health condition known as bronchiolitis obliterans, more commonly referred to as popcorn lung.

Diacetyl is sometimes an ingredient in candy, pet foods, margarine, and snacks, while acetyl propionyl is used in drugs, pesticides, inks, and lacquers. Characterized by a buttery taste, both are organic compounds that are considered safe for ingestion.

Inhalation of these compounds, however, can lead to respiratory ailments including popcorn long and others. Hence, these ingredients are considered off limits by most reputable e-liquid manufacturers.

One such company is Halo, a maker of tobacco-, gourmet-, and menthol-flavored e-liquids. Halo was one of the first manufacturers to have its products independently lab tested for the presence of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl.

This testing can sometimes last a year or longer. An indicator of Halo’s quality is that they will put a new e-liquid out on the market only after the testing has been successfully completed. The company then makes the lab results sheets available for their customers to view on its website.

Manufacturing Methods: Do You Know Where This E-Liquid Has Been?

In general, up-to-date production facilities are a must to ensure quality. The best e-liquids are created in an advanced clean room — preferably one rated by ISO or another quality organization of record — by trained chemists and other experienced professionals.

Some e-liquid manufacturers keep an eye on these employees and the manufacturing process itself by using audio and video equipment. This “Big Brother” approach can go a long way toward instilling confidence that their product is of high quality.

Consumer Packaging: What Does It Say About Its Contents?

It’s the first thing that customers see, but what it can tell them about quality is often not given the consideration it deserves. There’s a lot of beautiful and creative e-liquid packaging out there created by talented designers who know how to capture a consumer’s attention. But this doesn’t necessarily translate to a quality product on the inside.

A quality-focused manufacturer will make sure that their attractive packaging is also reinforcing the safety and quality of the product. They can achieve this simply by including features such as trackable lot numbers, best-by dating, and childproof caps on their containers and/or disposable outer packaging.

A Maker of Quality E-Liquids Isn’t Afraid to Share Information About Their Products

Few manufacturers are going to put “made in a modern facility” right on their packaging or on an in-store display. But visit their website and look for descriptions, photos, and even videos that show the conditions under which their e-liquids are produced.

Read up on what their ingredients are, checking whether there’s diacetyl and/or acetyl propionyl among them, and find out where they were sourced. Being armed with this information can make the difference between a satisfying, quality vape and a questionable one.