Are E-Cigs a Gateway To Teenage Smoking and Nicotine Addiction?

And are the sweet flavors a temptation? Should they only be in menthol and tobacco?

There is nearly endless debate on this topic, about e-cigs being attractive to teens, especially via the sweet flavors, as well as potentially a gateway to nicotine addiction. By now you’ve seen the headlines of anti-ecig material, warning of the attractiveness of the sweet flavors to youngsters, which give the innuendo that more people may get hooked on nicotine, and even potentially lead these individuals to try tobacco cigarettes.

Then there are some other studies where they suggest that perhaps e-cigs are not a gateway to smoking.

Some of the biggest debates in this area were when members of the American Vaping Association said that a CDC study released about teenage use was deceptive, which in their estimation lead to news sources releasing supporting articles about e-cigs being a gateway to tobacco cigarettes. This was in response to a CDC article about the number of youth who have tried e-cigs, and had never tried tobacco cigarettes.

There are also a plethora of vapers who also claim that it is the sweet flavors that they prefer. There are also those who claim that those underage who have tried e-cigs is around the same percentage of those who statistically would have tried regular cigarettes or whom already were using them, and so this is a highly controversial area, which if you are forming an opinion of your own, is worth researching for yourself.

There are a number of entities going after e-cigs from the angle of the many flavors available, and this forms some of the basis of RJR (the maker of Vuse) lobbying to ban the vaping industry, with the sweet flavors of e-juice, and the possible access and appeal to children, being one of their points in their submissions to the FDA. (Of course Big Tobacco companies have a reputation to deal with already, and many question them when pushing for something who’s basis is to address public health concerns – nevermind the juxtaposition, in the case here of RJ Reynolds, of them simultaneously entering the vapor industry with their digital vapor device).

They have some valid points in there, although banning the entire industry would impact many millions of vapers, as well as thousands of small businesses, and so being pro-vaping, we want to shed light on areas of concern that we feel are important to know. Of course we want the industry to stay, and we think you will too once you’ve started to enjoy vaping, and perhaps try out some other brands, or vape shops 🙂

Certainly it is sensible that there should be measures in place to guard against teens purchasing nicotine products, the same as with Nicotine gum etc., and child protection safety measures on these products. We hope these decisions are made taking all aspects into account, along with logic, sensibility, and common sense, and that any assessments are presented with adequate research into all angles.

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