What Is PG And VG In Vape Juice?

PG and VG are the primary ingredients in vape juice, which the the flavor liquid in a vapor products, which also delivers nicotine.

PG, or propylene glycol, gives you that hit in the back of your throat, and has a thinner consistency.

VG, or vegetable glycerin, is thicker, and higher VG is what is used in juices for sub ohm set ups and for making big clouds of vapor.

When Do I Want High PG or VG?

You will want higher PG for resistances that are above 1 ohm. 30% PG or or higher. This allows for a thinner consistency, which lets it flow into the coil slightly faster, since if it isn’t allowed to move into the atomizer coil fast enough, you’ll get a burnt taste, and that taste may be stuck through the lifetime of said coil.

Higher VG, like 80%, or max VG, is ideal for advanced set ups that are sub ohm (0.9 ohms down to 0.1 ohms). These sub ohm resistance coils have bigger juice holes, allowing more vape liquid into the coil faster, since sub-ohm set ups go through juice faster.

Are They Safe?

According to the FDA, glycerin is GRAS and propylene glycol is GRAS (GRAS stans for generally regarded as safe).  There are a few applications where they are used in foods etc.

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